Rules for Saturday Play and Tournament Play

1. When members from LHGC contact the Events Chair to participate in an event, they are making a commitment to the golf course as well as LHGC.

2. The Events Chair must contact the course and secure tee times for the Saturday/Tournament play.

3. In order for LHGC to reserve those tee times and keep our integrity  with the golf course we must honor our commitment.

4. We have had members of LHGC that have made a commitment and for whatever reason not honored that commitment.

5. If that continues we will have no tee times for Saturday or Tournament play.

6. In order to encourage and motivate our members to keep their commitment a rule will be instituted beginning March 30, 2013.

The new rule reads as follows:

As of March 30, 2013 members of LHGC who contact the Events Chair with a commitment to play on Saturday or Tournament play will incur a fee of 50% of green fees* for that event when they are a no show and/or do not play. The fee will have to be paid to LHGC prior to the member participating in a future Saturday or Tournament play event. These monies will be deposited in the LHGC bank account and will be designated for the Scholarship Fund.  

* If the course requires 100% of green fees for members that commit but do not play; the member will be required to remit the total amount (100%) of the green fees. If the member sponsors a guest that does not play the same rule applies.