Dedicated to fair play and fun for everyone

Vernon Gaskin saw a problem in the game he loved. That’s why he established the Leisure Hour Club and held its first annual tournament in 1944.
What ensued for more than 75 years is an organization dedicated to the inclusion of all who want to play and the enjoyment of the game. 

Want in on the fun?

LHGC Weekly Play Opportunity

Weekly Play Opportunity
09/25/21 Lewis River Golf Course 
We’ve scheduled four (4) tee times for Saturday 09/25/2021 at Lewis River Golf Course G.C.
The tee times are 8:38 am, 8:44a, 8:52a, 9:00a
Please let me know if you’re going to play, so I can fill the foursomes.
The cutoff time to secure a spot is 12:00PM, Friday 09/24/21. If all tee times are filled, you will be on a waiting list.
Please arrive 30 minutes before your tee time so I can collect for the games