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Vernon Gaskin saw a problem in the game he loved. That’s why he established the Leisure Hour Club and held its first annual tournament in 1944.
What ensued for more than 75 years is an organization dedicated to the inclusion of all who want to play and the enjoyment of the game. 

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LHGC Weekly Play Opportunity

I’ve scheduled five (5) tee times for Sunday September 11, 2022, at Lewis River Golf Course. The tee times are 9:08AM, 9:15AM, 9:23AM, 9:30AM and 9:38AM.  

Please let me know if you’re going to play, so I can fill the foursomes.  

The cutoff time to secure a spot is 1:00PM, Thursday September 8, 2022. If all tee times are filled, you will be on a waiting list. 

I will send out the complete list players and pairing Thursday evening. 

Please arrive by 8:30AM, so I can collect for the games, I (someone else) will also designate someone in the last group to assist me. 

LHGC Rules for weekend play: 

  1. All play is governed by USGA and course rules. 
  2. LHGC members have first preference. 
  3. Guest will be put on a waiting list if the tee times are filled by noon Wednesday of that week. 
  4. A player must have a GHIN to enter the sweepstakes. 
  5. The entry fee must be paid to the tournament chair or his/her designee (if tournament chair is absent), prior to the first tee time. 
  6. Players must play with their assigned group from the first tee through the eighteen green. USGA rule 5.4. 
  7. If a player is no more than 5 minutes late will be penalized two (2) strokes but must complete the hole with their assigned group. USGA rule 5.3a.
  8. If a player arrives more than 5 minutes late the player is disqualified and does not receive a refund of their sweepstakes entry fee. USGA rule 5.3a.
     PS: Please reply me only, I will send an acknowledgement response, that I have received your request to play.   
    If you don’t plan on playing 18 holes, please let me know, I will put you on the wait list and you’ll be notified if they’re a spot available. This will allow us to have full groups playing, because we’re booking tee times for 18 holes with the courses. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact me directly. 

Lewis River Golf Course  

3209 Lewis River Rd

Woodland, WA 98674  

Phone: (360) 225-8254  

Thank you, 

Derrick Creecy 

Email: [email protected]  

Mobile: (503) 330-4296 


Special Instructions for the course:

Carts: single player per cart

Net / gross: $10
Closet to pin: $5
Gross skins: $5
Tees: White