Members of LHGC are eligible to establish GHIN handicaps.  The USGA Handicap System has made it possible for golfers of differing abilities to enjoy fair competition.  Today, there are more than 4.5 million golfers who have USGA Handicap Indexes issued by affiliate golf clubs like Leisure Hour Golf Club. More info or post scores here:

 A Women in Golf Clinic is sponsored each summer to bring new women to the enjoyment of golf as a source of friendly competition, recreation and social networking.  Please contact LHGC on the Contact Page  for more information on plans for 2014.

In 1978, the Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program was created to bring the passion of golf to the children.  The focus was to address the future of North and Northeast Portland – the youth.  It started as a group of 6 children and has grown to include a roster of over 100 active junior golfers.  To provide assistance and guidance,  parents and mentors volunteer their knowledge, skills and abilities to expand the world of golf to the youth.  The Jr. Golf Program consists of classroom instruction, clinics, and on-course instruction.  As a youth organization striving for excellence, the Program recognizes that it takes the support of a village to raise the child.  The Program depends on the community as our largest support group.  In return, participants in the program are required to participate in various community service activities.  Contact the LHGC Jr. Golf Program for more information.

Leisure Hour club members are encouraged to participate in regularly established tee-times for members and guests.  Regular tee-times are available each Saturday and Wednesday year-round.

Every week-end, members are invited to enjoy a round of golf at a different area golf course.  The golf outings may be part of the LHGC Sweepstakes schedule or just a fun outing to play a new course with club members. The LHGC Calendar  will detail the events scheduled for 2020.  See the Calendar for more info.

LHGC members are encouraged to participate in tournaments sponsored by the Western States Golf Association and Northwest Golf Association.  Club members travel to fun places throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western U.S. to participate in events sponsored by affiliate groups.

Friendly competition is an important part of the game of golf.  LHGC schedules regular events each week throughout the season.  The events are planned to involve all skill levels and a variety of formats that range from scrambles to individual stroke play.  Prizes are always a great incentive to encourage members to step up their game.  See the Events page for a listing of all club sponsored events.

•Respect the golf course and those on and around the course.

•All members/guests will tee-off from the WHITE tees, ladies will tee-off from the Red (unless event calls for adjustment).

•The field will be made up of three Flights, Championship Flight 0-9, Pro Flight 10-18, “A” Flight 19-Above, Ladies Flight.

•Rules apply to LH Club Championship – current LHGC members only are eligible to compete in the Club Championship.

•Four players will be awarded Player Of The Year, one member per flight (in case of a tie both will be awarded the honor) Player of the Year winners will receive $50.00 dollars off the following years dues along with a trophy.

•All members/guest are required to show up at the golf course 15 to 20 minutes early to be properly paired (if you show up late and need to be re-paired you will be fined $5 dollars, monies from fines will be turned over to the treasurer.

•Contact Sweepstakes Chair by Thursday to reserve your slot to play a tee time (failure to do so may result in lack of tee times and only those confirmed by Thursday will be guaranteed a spot)

•Contact Sweepstakes chair no later then Friday noon if you find that you are unable to attend the sweepstakes event, this way you are not fined $20 dollars for a no-show, if you are fined you will NOT be able to collect winnings until fines are paid.

•OB/Lost balls, to speed up the pace of play if 2 or more players in your group feel that the ball in question is OB and/or Lost, the player is to hit a Provisional Ball before leaving the tee box.

•Any prizes that have not been awarded prior to the next club meeting will be turned over to the Treasurer for distribution.  Members must then contact the Treasurer to collect their prize.