In the early 1940’s very few blacks could be found on public golf courses.  Vernon Gaskin sought to remedy this situation by forming an organization to create power in numbers.  Others who were instrumental in the formation of Leisure Hour Golf Club were, the late Stephen Wright, Walter & Gladys Ricks and Shelby Golden.

Leisure Hour’s first annual tournament, the “Pacific Northwest Negro Amateur Golf Tournament” was held at Eastmoreland Golf Course in the summer of 1944.  It was held there for the next several years.  From 1951 to 1966, the tournament was held at the Tualatin Country Club.

Because of a dream in 1943, Vernon Gaskin, J. Cullen Fentress and Sam Wagner spearheaded the formation of the Western States Golf Association.  WSGA now represents 33 clubs and nearly 2000 members.

Leisure Hour Golf Club is keeping that dream alive by continuing to be active in the game of golf, encouraging our youth to play and being a presence in the golfing community in the Portland area.

In 2014, Leisure Hour Golf Club will celebrate 70 years of golf, camaraderie and service to the community!  Congratulations, Leisure Hour!


Leisure Hour Golf Club Core Values

Adopted by the membership on February 2, 2011 as a guide for Leisure Hour Golf Club officers.

LHGC Core Values

For LHGC & LHJGC Officers

Respect for one another will govern all of our words and actions.  This will be reflected in our behavior:  Thinking before we speak; actively listening; a cheerful attitude and open positive communication.  We will be patient, lead by example and consider the view of others.  We will treat others, as we would like to be treated.  We will be polite, sensitive, caring, honest and professional.


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